David Hennessey


David is a 20-year veteran of the financial services industry with extensive expertise in investment 

banking and acquisitions.

Comprehensive advice you and your company can trust.


At Hennessey Capital, we help great ideas become great companies and help small companies with great ideas grow into bigger companies.
With more than $1 billion in current and planned investments and over 15 years of experience in venture capital, we focus on innovative IT, energy and energy/clean technology companies with high growth potential.

We work with entrepreneurs and other investors in the public and private sectors to build outstanding Canadian companies, and are involved at every stage of the development cycle, from seed through expansion to exit. Our goal is to deliver excellent return on our investments, while working to create a sound financial ecosystem for Canadian technology ventures.

About Us

Pierre Dumont

Pierre served 10 years as an Senior Analyst with Goldman Sacks.   He works with  companies to address strategic and operational challenges.

Investment professionals

Hennessey Capital


Susan McDaniels

Susan is the Chief Operating Officer of Hennessey Capital and  responsible for enabling operational excellence.

Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust Your Business With

We guarantee effective and knowledgeable representation for you and your business. Our reputation and history of success with our clients and their business needs speaks for itself. There's no substitution for the best.


02. Dedicated and Loyal Partners 

Our team’s previous experience as entrepreneurs, strategy consultants and business operators allows for a unique approach in helping executive teams develop strategies, go-to-market initiatives, and overall execution. Our market-oriented approach to understanding businesses coupled with real world experience allows us to be practical thought partners in the board room, leading to better partnerships and better outcomes. 


03. We Treat You and Your Business with Respect

Whether your business is looking to get started or it's in need of a short in the arm, you can rest assured that we’re going to help you. We’re committed to providing you with top notch business support and knowledge. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, and understanding.